Hello thats Nikki. She is 13 y/o




Do you want to see more from her? You want Photos and Videos or maybe like to meet her? No problems.

We need a bit money for living. You can get photos and videos directly download here




We are able to travel in Central Europe. Austria, Swiss, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark are possible for meetings at Weekends.

YOU can MEET NIKKI in a Hotel or at your Home.

If you want to book us we need a deposit for sure and for buy tickets to travel. The price for a 3 hour meeting is 600,-euros. We will travel with train on discounted tickets and you need to pay just the price of these tickets we show you. Its normal not more than 2 x 39,- Euros (78,- euros total) You need to deposit 250,- euros then now.

If you want to get in contact/mail you need to made a deposit as well for be sure you mean it true and not joking or time-wasting.

You can order photos or videos and Nikki (and I) do what you want to see. I will not show my face. You see Nikki's Face only. Price is 250,- euros.

You pay with bitcoin here and you will receive a package with photos,videos and our email for contact and tell us when and where to meet.

You will be alone with Nikki. I'm not in the room. Nikki speaks english,romanian and understand some italian/dutch